Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sweetwater Tavern, not so sweet after all

Yesterday was a bad day for me, point wise that is.  I had my breakfast, and an early lunch because I was meeting a friend for a late lunch that evening.  One problem, as a dieter, that I have is portion control.  If it is there, I will eat it.  Hoping to battle the hunger cry, I ate a bowl of veal stew my MIL made that was a total of 12 points, I did this to hopefully eat less when I went out with my girlfriend.  We planned on meeting up at Sweetwater Tavern in Centreville, VA.  I googled, and googled, and googled even more... just to get nutritional information that they apparently refuse to offer.  That's right, they do NOT offer nutritional information to the public online.  To avoid the embarrassment of asking this nicer establishment for their nutritional information, I chickened out and ordered a salad anyway.  I tried to order wisely, so I ordered the Roast Chicken Salad.  While it was delicious, it did have corn, cheese, and other items that I knew had a point value to them.  And, like any other dieter would, I ate the whole thing.

After seeing the salad, and consulting my books forever, I decided the point value would be around 13 points... plus to be safe, I would rather give it a higher point value than a lesser one.  I had yet to have dinner, and after that salad I had consumed my 31 points.  So, I gave up, kinda.  I still had a Smart Ones dinner for 6 points, and I had two deserts for 7 points.

As for deserts, I had the Smart Ones Mint Ice Cream, and the Quaker Chocolate Rice Cakes.  Both are delicious, but I really liked the rice cakes, and they were filling!  13 cakes for 4 points, and it tasted like Chocolate Pebbles cereal.


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  1. Oh i so know what you mean. I'm sixteen and its pretty hard to try to find nutrition info for somewhat upscale places for my weight watchers. My family likes to go out a lot
    (yet they are all thin) and sometimes its so hard for me to figre out whats good and whats bad :/